Our Products - Boards + Trays + Pins + Shakers

Cutting Boards

I offer a variety of designs, shapes and sizes.  All boards are created to be used and to last for years.  A wedding gift favorite.


Serving Trays

Display a variety of cheeses, fruits, crackers and breads on this customer favorite.  Makes a wonderful hostess gift.

Bread Boards with Dipping Saucer

Perfect to bring to a party with a loaf of artisan bread. 

Wine Bottle Holders

Clever way to keep wine horizontal.  Available in a variety of wood species.

Rolling Pins

I offer both traditional and French style rolling pins made of a variety of woods.  The traditional style comes with an optional wall hanger.

Wine Walls

Hold your favorite wines in an attractive wall display.  Holds 3 bottles of wine and 3 or 6 wine glasses. I use only the most interesting, figured woods for this display such as wormy chestnut, red cedar, spalted beech, ambrosia maple, and repurposed redwood. 


Cork/Matchbook/Coaster Display Boxes

Do you collect? Display your collection in an elegant display box mounted to the wall.  Available in cherry and walnut.  Front pane of glass is removable for easy cleaning.


Beer Flight Paddles

Designed to hold 4 servings of craft brews to serve your favorite microbrews.  Paddle comes with optional stand.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Made with colorful exotic hardwoods, these are the newest addition to my shop. Functional and beautiful, they make great gifts.