Tall Oak Trading Company



About me

I started my career in wood working as a young man when I worked as a helper for a local residential construction company.  Years later I started my own business building quality homes.   Eventually I started teaching carpentry and cabinetry at Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown, Delaware, where I was given the incredible opportunity to share my love for the craft with my students for twenty five years.  My newest endeavor, Tall Oak Trading Company, allows me to share my experience, passion and craftsmanship with you.  All of my products are crafted with quality hardwood and are built to be used, enjoyed and handed down to the next generation.






Our family loves the wooden cutting boards that Gary Stewart makes. When we have a party I generally make a cheese platter on one board and buy several different breads for the others. The wood grain is so beautiful and it goes perfectly with our natural decor.
— Marie R.
Gary Stewart is a true artisanal carpenter. I’ve watched the variety of work he can produce over the course of my lifetime. Anything you can imagine, Gary can make. His style is very simple and yet tasteful. He is a kind, sincere person whom you can trust, and will listen to what kind of piece you want. He will use his creative woodworking ingenuity to make the best quality and best looking piece. Gary’s devotion and quality is becoming a lost art, however I’m happy to say it is alive and well at Tall Oak.
— Jocelyn W.

We are honored to own several of Tall Oak Trading Company’s gorgeous works of art. Highest quality craftsmanship. And so useful as well.
— Vicki A., Atlanta, GA


I promise to treat each piece as though it were being placed in my own home. Only the best quality materials, and the most perfect of finished products will be available for sale. My products are built to withstand the tests of time and use. With proper care my products will be ready for a lifetime of enjoyment.